Small brands.
Big, noble ideas.

We believe entrepreneurs & companies have the ability to influence social, environmental, political and economic impact.

Owned business
Donate 5%
of profits & services

Our mission

We believe in giving a voice to the companies and brands committed to doing better; better in business, better for their stakeholders, better for the world and better for the people who power it.

Our Vision
Our Team

We may be small, but we are mighty

Ashley Taylor

Founder, B Corp Consultant

Maddie Galvelis

Marketing Strategist

Designed to Give

Small businesses can do big things. We just don’t always have the same support as the big guys. Which is why Citizen Yard is Designed to Give. We are committed to annually donating 5% of our profits and an additional 5% of our services pro bono to charities supporting small business initiatives. Our goal is to graduate from donating 5% of profit to donating 5% of revenue by the end of 2023.