Small brands.
Big, noble ideas.

We believe entrepreneurs & companies have the ability to influence social, environmental, political and economic policy.

Our vision & mission

Citizen Yard exists to elevate small businesses doing big things.

We believe in giving a voice to the companies and brands committed to doing better; better in business, better for their stakeholders, better for the world and better for the people who power it.

Our Values

Our Commitment to Ethical Business

What began as a desire to work with mission-driven marketing clients transformed into a passion for small business evolution. Our original intent for B Corp Certification was to signal to potential clients the types of companies we wanted to work with. During the process we realized a missing link to champion small businesses who want to leave a positive impact on this world.

The Certification process changed us at our very core.

Our mission is to elevate small businesses doing big things. To help companies develop the process and systems to do better for the world but also better for themselves. We want to help them embody their values and tell their stories. To help business owners and sustainability officers become better leaders in their organizations.

Our own B Corp certification is just the beginning. We look forward to watching our clients create true change in this world with their businesses.

As much as we hope to be a part of your story, we thank you for being a part of ours.

How we help small business: growth, education, resources, strategy. We position & price our products/services purposefully at multiple accessibility points to help small businesses no matter where they are in their journey. We create content to elevate companies, their leaders and workers to be inspired to join this mission-driven community and equipped to change the world while creating products and services of their own.

Designed to Give

Small businesses can do big things; we just don’t always have the same support as the big guys. Which is why Citizen Yard is Designed to Give. We are committed to annually donating 5% of our profits and an additional 5% of our services pro bono to charities supporting small business initiatives. Our goal is to graduate from donating 5% of profit to donating 5% of revenue by the end of 2023.

Our Team

Small but mighty

Ashley Taylor

Founder, B Corp + Brand Impact Coach