B Corp & Brand Impact Coaching

Do Good Business.
Grow as a Leader.
Save the World.

Join a global community of business owners that strive for people, planet, purpose & profit.

Do business like a human

Citizen Yard is a brand impact coaching platform helping small businesses use their companies as a force for good.

Build for purpose

Conduct business in a way that evokes your purpose & benefits the world.

Measure your impact

Prove your impact with data then turn that data into strong marketing campaigns that strengthen your brand without purpose washing.

Become a leader in the evolving economic landscape

Meet other like-minded business owners and join a global movement of entrepreneurs creating real change.

For people, planet & profit

Citizen Yard helps small business owners create true social & environmental change.

Following the economic business model laid by B Corp, we help businesses achieve the triple bottom line to balance people, planet and profit.

Our services cater to:

Why B Corp?

B Corp is rapidly evolving as the global standard in measuring a company’s commitment to operate in a way that helps rather than harms. It involves a rigorous approximately 200 question assessment measuring your company’s impact in five areas:


Certify as a B Corp and you’ll be in good company. B Corp certified businesses include:

B Corp Is For Small-Sized Businesses Too

From mom and pop bakeries to budding start-ups, B Corp is for more than just the big guys.

Even solopreneurs can shoot their shot at certification. Smaller businesses actually have an advantage as they’re more nimble and will more easily grow with B Corp values already encoded in their DNA.

So why don’t more small businesses certify?

The road to driving impact is long, evolving and difficult to navigate. Many small business owners don’t feel equipped and help is difficult to find.

Which is why we formed Citizen Yard.

We help small, solo and growing businesses build their companies with the values of B Corp leading the soul of their organization.

Work With Us

We give small businesses the tools, knowledge and know-how to pursue their mission.

sb_how to b corp

How to 'B' Corp Course

Want to build more impact & purpose into your business but don’t know how? This self-led course is your guide through the B Corp Certification process.


1:1 B Corp Consulting

For companies that need a more a little more hands-on help. We facilitate the B Corp process, develop a custom attack strategy, do the gritty research work you don’t have time for and help you build the values of B Corp into your business for certification.

sb_brand strategy

Impact Brand Strategy

A half-day discovery session that goes deep into building the framework of your brand. Workshop the mission, vision, goals & ethos behind your company. Leave with a clear roadmap to develop your brand & market your purpose to the world.

"Companies with purpose last. Brands with purpose grow. PEOPLE with purpose THRIVE."

— Kris Michiels

Our stance against purpose washing

We have a zero-tolerance stance against purpose-washing, green-washing and all other instances of using your “impact” simply to market and mislead.

Small Team. Big, noble Ideas.

We're On a Mission

We believe entrepreneurs & companies have the ability to influence social, environmental, political and economic impact. Like you, we too are a small business with big noble ideas. It’s our mission to discover, analyze and curate good info from misinformation to provide you with only quality best practices & tactics for running a mission-driven company.

Curious about what your small business can do to be more sustainable?

The Small Business Sustainability Guide is packed with 25 actionable tips small businesses can implement now to help your company become a better steward for the planet, your workers, community and customers.

A guide designed by small business owners, for small business owners.